[03] A Year In Review

Self reflection time!

Yay it’s that time of year when I get to do round-up posts and damn if I don’t love a good round up post.

So in the spirit of the ending of 2018, let’s calculate how many Porg things Katie bought or received for the year: 930458340534.

Kidding (kind of).

First off, I gotta just jump for joy over the fact that I hit over 600 miles for the year. A lifetime best as seen below:

Mileage of 7 Running Years

  • 2012: 9.9 miles
  • 2013: 101.9 miles
  • 2014: 100.5 miles
  • 2015: 235.4 miles
  • 2016: 187.2 miles
  • 2017: 415.56 miles
  • 2018: 602.31 miles

Looking back at these numbers I’m instantly reminded of all the things that have happened in less than a decade. SO MANY LIFE CHANGES, SO MANY JOBS, SO MUCH GROWTH, SO MANY TEARS lol

The second piece of good news is 2 weeks of running did my IT injury a WORLD of good. I had an absolutely great 9 mile run on Christmas Eve running around/in the lake near our family house in Three Rivers. The temperature was perfect, never too cold and never too hot. Sky was mostly overcast, the paths were mostly empty and I got to run with my favorite running partner for the first time in a while. He did a great 10 miler while I stopped at 9 (mostly so I could take more pictures and not push it haha).

So of course it’s like ‘do I continue training for the race?’ and the answer is I’m taking one run at a time. Not worth risking ANOTHER injury if I undertrain and run this race. I respect the marathon and I already know that there’s going to be plenty more in the future. Next year’s focus is definitely hitting some time goals.

SPEAKING OF, here we go with those.

▣ Time Goals To Work Towards:

+ Mile: 0:07:15 [current: 0:07:28]
+ 5K: 0:27:11 [current: 0:27:21]
+ 10K: 0:55:56 [current: 0:57:41]
+ Half: 2:00:00 [current: 2:07:02]
+ Marathon: 4:40:00 [current: 5:22:40]

▣ Increase Strength Workouts to 3x’s a Week
▣ Increase Core Workouts to 3x’s a Week
▣ Increase Swim Workouts to 2x’s a Week

▣ Races to Aim For:
+ Ventura Half Marathon | Oct, 2019

I’m not saying that next year I can hit all these but I do feel like these are definitely things I can work towards.

Also I already plan on next year not being as race packed as this year. This was one of those Once In a Lifetime kind of racing years and I LOVED it but I am also EXHAUSTED haha I did learn a lot about my own running likes/dislikes, especially doing long runs I’ve never done before. So things I learned:

I love hill repeats: I’ve kind of known for a while that I do well with hills but training for Pier to Peak reinforced how much I do enjoy hill repeats.

I love intervals: Again, I swam competitively from 2001-2006 throughout my junior and high school years so I’m very much used to intervals, sets, repeats, you name it lol But I do love intervals and the results of those. I gained a lot of speed this year doing repeats.

♥ I really love long 15+ mile runs: WEIRD RIGHT…except not. Okay so going above the half mileage was a bit of a mental doozy and my legs hurt something fierce after each increase during marathon training but I found a love for just spending 3…4…more hours alone with my music and no stress about hitting a certain time. It wasn’t zen-like and there were a lot of times I was just ‘gah let it be over’. HOWEVER, it was this dedicated me-time that I learned to really love. Uncomplicated, straight-forward time to myself.

Now the things I Did Not Like:

Getting injured: My calf injury was an old one from last year but shit if that didn’t get aggravated constantly. Then the non-running related IT band injury. The only remedy was of course, time off running and the calf injury just eventually resolved on its own but shit if I wasn’t constantly tired of being injured and not really having a mental break from that.

How time consuming marathon training is: This wasn’t really a surprise since I did my research and asked folks. But there were plenty of weekends after long, draining work weeks I really did not want to get up early to go running and have half my day eaten up by a long run. It was always worth it but I would say marathon training was a massive mental game.

How my marathon went: So. I am really proud of myself. I am. I put a lot of work, time and effort into training for that. I have basically accepted why things turned out the way they did during the race but damn if I wasn’t upset that my stomach issues prevented me from having the strong race I wanted. It just couldn’t be helped either. I have a very sensitive stomach. My 22 training run went fantastic. It was such. a. grind. to finish the marathon, constantly stopping to walk or use the port-a-potty. It just made the race probably 45 minutes longer than what I expected. I don’t regret doing it but I will say having a sensitive stomach/no gallbladder like me made fueling myself a very delicate dance before and during such long distances from 15+ miles onwards.

I miss swimming: Next year I hope for more balance in my life. I want to add more strength, do more swimming, elliptical and things that just aren’t purely running. I am very happy with the shape I am in and the miles I have logged for this year but after marathon weekend next month, I’m ready for a bit of a break from that much running. Still going to stay in shape and keep up my conditioning but I’m thinking no races until October. We got a wedding to throw!


This round-up was mostly running focused. I do have goals to continue to work my way to becoming vegetarian and eventually vegan. Two out of my main three meals are vegetarian at this point, my race nutrition is vegan, my snacks are usually vegan, I’m going to finish up the last of my make-up and start purchasing more ethically sourced and vegan products, my shampoo, conditioner and body soap are vegan. I’m also working on reducing my trash and plastic waste as well. Less saran wrap and ziplocks, more reusable containers and so forth. Less food waste overall which means continuing to be way more diligent about planning my meals ahead of time.

All of this isn’t some RADICAL change. I’ve been making a lot of small changes over the last several months. The vegan thing is something I used to do anyways a couple years back for my health. But that was always with ‘ugh I don’t want to be doing this’ and now I truly want to. My mom was vegetarian for several years which helps and there’s so many resources and products out there to help with the transition. I’m excited and I’m glad for those around me who have been supporting me.


What a wild, wild year! Seriously I have been SO OVERJOYED AND HAPPY with the amount of support I got from all corners of my life this year. From the Santa Barbara Striders (shoutout especially to Janice ♥), to Kristiana of Alaris Fitness to my friends, family and of course Alex. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY PORG-FILLED HEART for being the absolutely coolest people I know and aspire to be more like.

Everything I have done this year has been so meaningful to me. I walked with my mom during the holidays up a road that I could barely walk 15 minutes up due to hernia surgery pain. The next day I went out and ran 9 miles with minimal issues. I’m so grateful guys like, I cried when I had a moment to look at that 602 mileage. I cry when I see the medals. I cry when I see the old pictures of myself and knowing how much pain I was in at the time and now it’s just like, I’m a totally different, stronger person. I have learned so much and I don’t take anything for granted.

Thank you again and I am so looking forward to 2019 aka OMG I’M GETTING MARRIED AHHHHH ♥ ♥ ♥

Lots of Love,


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